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Science Blog Week 8

Force is the strength that activates push pull and gravity. It is all over the place. So say if you jumped that is push and force because you force yourself off the ground and to do that you push and with gravity it is all around the place.

I used a spoon popsicle sticks and rubber bands.
I put this together by making a little wall of sticks and put one of them between the bottom and the other ones. I got the spoon and put it on the wall then on to the stick that is poking out. Then I got a rubber band and twisted it around the spoon and catapult. I twisted two rubber bands around the wall and its done.

At science I made catapults. It was hard because the rubber bands kept falling off the catapult but apart from that it went very well. The last attempt with one cotton ball went 6.25m sadly I did not make it to three cotton balls.

I gathered all my data and put it on a sheet of paper then made it into a graph. It was a challenge the first time because I had no idea what to do. But then Danielle showed us what to do then I went straight into it and I really liked it.

I changed the height because I thought that if the spoon was higher I thought it would have more force on the cotton ball and it did. I also changed cotton balls by adding rubber bands, this made the cotton ball heavier.

I learnt all about push and pull like the catapult has both push and pull. When the cotton ball fires it accelerates in the air. The thing that makes it go back down is gravity.

I am using my new learning to build a playground which shows force. The playground is using pull, push, gravity and acceleration.

Science Blog Week 7

What I've done:
I got to choose between two activities. They were rocket balloons and catapults. I chose catapults. Because I got to see the cotton balls fly. I shot my cotton balls in the tiered seating area with myself.
I used meter rulers to measure how far I can shoot my cotton balls.

What I found out:
On my first test with zero rubber bands and one cotton ball I got 1.48m and on my second test with 1 rubber band and one cotton ball it went 3.56m I only got up to test two.
In test two the weight on the ball made it go further and it was more successful.

I wonder: what will happen if you had ten cotton balls and three rubber bands?

Science Blog Week 6

What I've done:
I got to choose between 3 activities this week.
The choices  were basketball bounce, ping pong ramps and chair pulleys.
I chose to do ping pong ramps because I wanted observe how fast the ping pong ball rolled down according to height.
I made my ramp in the tiered seating area with Harry, Zoe, Enzo, Cooper, Tom and myself.
We used wood, books, a shelf, meter rulers and an ice cream container.

What I found out:
On our first test run The ping pong ball fell off the side of wood because we had no barriers to keep it on the wood.
The gravity was pushing the ping pong down the ramp
The next time we tried it we put barriers on the sides of the ramp to keep it rolling down in a line. It was banging against the barriers as it made its way downwards.
The angle of the ramp pushed the ball down at a medium speed.
We had to change the angle of the ramp a few times to make it successful.

What I wonder:
I wonder if I put the wood straight if the ball would move.
And if you put the wood standing up if the ball would fall off or stay on

Week 5 Science Blog

What I've done:I made a catapult and then observed how far a catapult can shoot.

What I found out: that according to how high the spoon is makes it shoot more further. I did this because it was going bad so I did it differently.

What I wonder: wonder if the height effects it going further.

Week 4 Science Blog

What I did: made a catapult.

What I found out: it doesn't always work.

What I wonder: I wonder if you make the spoon higher what will happen?

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  1. Wow Thomas - you were certainly busy with all the data gathering on Force and Motion last term. It's great you were able to record all your learning in your Science blog. What a huge effort!