Thursday, 28 September 2017


Have you ever had a big adventure with someone in your family? Well I have and I'm here to tell you about it.
So it was your normal everyday routine at at your nanas or grandmother's house like watching tv. But that is not my routine, my routine is watching tv until my mum says “Ahem” and that's when I realise the good part of my routine is over and that's where the adventure begins. 

“No” I say to my mum, then Will comes up to me. Sam and two of my cousins and he says “want to go to the climbing tree?”  Sam said “I'm in.”  My cousins said “okay”.  I said “oh that seems like a pretty good idea. Nope.”  But then I ended up going. When we get there I run to the rope that we would swing off. from the tree. Then after about ten or fifteen minutes I say “should we go into the forest?”  Will said “sure” so we went. When we were just about to go into the forest I say “wait”, then I take my shirt off and run into the forest. They walk in after me and take their shirts off, then a pinecone came across the forest and hits Frazier in the leg. Then at the top of his voice he says “what the blimmin heck was that?” and then I come out of the bushes and say “hello”, and that's when the war started. World Pinecone War 3 that lasted twenty minutes and we lost.  Will Frazier and me were freaked out. I was running around saying “ we're gonna get lost somebody save us”.  “That's not a problem because he would just go to granny's house” says Sam. So went walking around. We saw these people wearing Maōri clothes so Noah said “should we run past them”, then I said “okay” and ran past them. Then we did it again. One of the people asked “can you come and be in one of our photos please?” so Frazier said “sure why not?”, so they put us in their picture then they snapped away. 

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