Wednesday, 29 November 2017

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Today on the trip we went to the Art Gallery. It was very unusual because I saw a pin in a canvas and a bucket in one of the corners of the Gallery oh and by the way the lights were made out of chairs. After that we went to the Margaret Mahy playground. Then we had a enormous play. After a while we went round looking at street art. Then we all came together at the dance-o-mat sadly the dance-o-mat was broken.

I went to dance it was so embarrassing because we had to follow dance moves that Kiri told us to do like fold the washing empty the washing machine and mowing the lawn so we went in groups made up dances (of washing the dishes mowing the lawn and fold the washing) and had to perform them. I was with Hamish Ella.M and Jessika so we made a dance that came into Ella's head. We all came to Kiri. It was our turn to do the dance so we got up and started of course I was too scared to dance so I ran behind Hamish in fear. Ella started to dance and then Jessika and then me and Hamish were practically peeing our pants finally our turn was over. Then everybody else performed their dances and once it was done we went back to class.

At music had to make sound out of things around us in a group. I was with Hamish Thomas. R and Zoe. I shouted out shotgun drums but Hamish wanted to do drums so he said that he said that he was going to do drums first then Zoe said that Hamish should go first so I said but I wanted to go first so I went away.
I came back cause Mrs McCabe said that I needed to but then Zoe told me to go away so I sat down and did it by myself.

Calendar art

For calendar art I made a silhouette and I'm here to tell you about it. So at calendar art I made a silhouette. I started off making a mosaic but then I changed. It had green red and yellow stripes it had a photo of me taking a basketball shoot and a picture of a person taking a slam dunk.

Money shot

I think the heart of Waimairi school is the library because it is inviting,kids can use it anytime they want,stimulating,finding out new things and working with others. These are some reasons I think the library is the heart of Waimairi school

              Sculpture reflection

                 Sculpture reflection
A found art object is something someone would make out of scratch like you could make something out of stuff that you see lying around in your house.

The sculpture I made with Zoe was a Plankton

My inspiration was
Something that went well was how it turned out because he looked so much like Plankton.

Something I would change is not dropping it or else things will turn out very bad because his arm will break out.

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